Lethal Weapon 3 Pinball

All photos are of the actual machine.

Click on most images to see higher resolution pictures

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A couple of arty shots:

The playfield is in excellent condition:

A sequence of stills of the plasma display:

The included promotional leaflet (good info on here):


The top of the police light has been decapitated:
Thankfully it's at the top and is not in the light path, but still...

The building has a chip and a couple of fine cracks:

A crack (which has been roughly repaired) of one of the plastics:

A crack in a plastic, the decals on the drop-targets are slightly worn:
(The other bank-of-three drop-target decals are in good condition btw):

Slight dimming on the bottom right of the plasma display.
Not so obvious normally but visible with all the pixels set on high in display test mode:

Blemish in the backglass:

The gun is solid but it has some paint wear.


Happy bidding and please feel free to ask questions or for particular views of anything.

An example question might be: "Do you have all the keys, both for the coin door and the backbox?"
To which my answer would be: "Yep, both".

Another question might be: "I know nothing about the maintainence of pinball machines. Is there someone who I can call?"
My answer would be "There are 3 names and phone numbers that I can give you for people in Auckland."

The entry at the Internet Pinball DataBase:


Kind regards... Clark