Horstmann Pluslite Lamp, Industrial Styled

This is a Horstmann Pluslite "Roller" lamp made I think around 1940-1950.

Height: ~???mm max
Width: ~???mm max
Base: ???mm square
Shade dimension: ???mm x ???mm
Weight: ?.? kg

Construction: Steel, Aluminium, brass.

Bulb: Takes a standard NZ bayonet (as opposed to screw) lamp.

This lamp is fully adjustable and has a solid steel round counterbalance with a square solid metal base. It is very stable, even at full horizontal extent, thanks to the brilliant design with the counterbalance, other designs topple, trust me, I know! ;) Also the switch is on the lamp, where you want it, rather than on the lead halfway down the back of the desk.

NOTE: The two aluminium struts connected to the base of the round counterweight are supposed to be unpainted, my restoration was a little to enthusiastic. Also there is supposed to be a metal flap / cover over the lens, I might fashion one sometime (rainy day material).

The photos (admittidly taken with my cellphone) were done to enrich the web just a little bit as there aren't too many shots of this lamp out there.

Enjoy... Clark

Fantastic fold-away glass lens / magnifying glass on this lamp. Just don't leave it open in the sun!
The lamp has its original decals in good condition too which is rare.

The engineering in this lamp is amazing, a joy to behold.

Naughty me, painting the bottom two struts.
(I mention this as "you" may be restoring yours and might make my mistake).

Ok, I should have dusted the lamp before photographing it! ;)

That's one HUGE "cylinder" of solid steel as the counterweight; where most of the weight comes from.
Most of the lamp is aluminium (base, fork, struts, shade) but with brass fittings here & there (the brass colour is not showing up so well in this light).

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