Hadrill & Horstmann Lamp, Industrial Styled

This is a Hadrill & Horstmann "Roller" lamp which was made in Godalming, Surrey, England / Great Britain around 1940-1950.

Height: ~???mm max
Width: ~???mm max
Base: ???mm square
Shade diameter: ???mm
Lead length: ?.? m
Weight: ?.? kg

Construction: Steel, Aluminium, brass.
Bulb: Takes a standard NZ bayonet (as opposed to screw) lamp.

This lamp is fully adjustable and has a solid steel round counterbalance with a square solid metal base. It is very stable, even at full horizontal extent, thanks to the brilliant design with the counterbalance, other designs topple, trust me, I know! ;) Also the switch is on the lamp, where you want it, rather than on the lead halfway down the back of the desk.

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Hadrill & Horstmann Lamp on desk:

Hadrill & Horstmann Lamp shade detail:

Hadrill & Horstmann Lamp base detail:

Rough animation of movements of Hadrill & Horstmann lamp:

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