Attitude Indicator / Artificial Horizon

Update: Wed Jul 21 20:15:54 NZST 2010
Ok, Google Images are great, I mostly figured it out myself.
It's off A Bell Huey Helicopter, or it's predecessors. :)

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From: Ron Wanttaja 
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 07:40:02 -0700
Local: Thurs, Jul 22 2010 2:40 am
Subject: Re: Can you ID this? Attitude Indicator / Artificial Horizon

ClarkMills wrote:
> Do you know which model of aircraft this came from?


I've got one that's almost identical, except mine has the airplane symbol:

These are "ball" type AIs, my presumption is that they date from the
50's or 60's rather than WWII.

Your missing metal skin probably held the data plate.  My dataplate is says:


Type  MM-1
Spec  MIL-I-25022
MFRS Model No 978K
MFRS Part No 100990-01
Series B-1
MFRS Serial No AF53-2735

The manufacturer is listed as "Lear, Incorporated."

However, as the AI was built to a Military Standard, the similar
appearance of yours doesn't mean it was also built by Lear.

My guess is that the Serial Number starting with 'AF53' means that it
was made for the Air Force with a contract date of 1953.

There's a separate tag for what I presume is an overhaul record.
Company name "Universal Dynamic Scientific & Engineering Consulting
Inc.", and says, "This Item Warranted for 3 Months" with the "3"
hand-written in ink.

The "Date of Overhaul" is very hard to read, but the center two digits
are "96" and the last one might be a 1 or a 7.  So I'm guessing it was
overhauled in 1961 or 1967.

Ron Wanttaja 

I'm a geek, I bought this, I was going to wire it up but upon
looking at it, it's way too cool / old / delicate for me to muck around with.
I don't know anything about it's history.
It looks like there used to be a metal skin that's been peeled off (not by me).
Also I popped the shroud off the back to see if I could identify the supply
lines and noticed the ~12 conductor "wiper" contact. That's the point at
which I decided it was to delicate to mess with.

If you want more pictures, even out of curiosity, of anything
(the wiper contacts for example) I'll do them for you.

If you can enlighten me about it's history that would be great.
Otherwise, enjoy the view. :)

Dimensions: 5.25" wide, 5" high, ~9" deep.

Comments: Notice that the sky is "grey" not blue. This is not fading,
it's like that. Note also that the ground is black.
There is no "plane" wire symbol on the glass.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4:

Image 5:

Kind regards... Clark

Wed Jul 21 18:46:32 NZST 2010